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Microsoft Partner of the Year 2014
  • ...our experience with nFocus has been extremely positive and productive
    Freight Transport Association
  • We found the consultants to be very knowledgeable and capable...
    Freight Transport Association
  • I trust nFocus to protect ... my company’s reputation...
    Telegraph Media Group
  • We found working with nFocus to be a rewarding experience.
  • Their consultant was knowledgeable, professional and highly capable.
    Toplevel Computing
  • I would have no hesitation in recommending nFocus to other SMEs.
    Toplevel Computing

Case Studies

nFocus SORCE

nFocus increases test maturity, plans and executes functional testing and automates a regression pack using Coded UI for a leading ISV.

SORCE provides market leading intranet, extranet and portal products which also integrate with Microsoft SharePoint and Active Directory. SORCE were engaged by a leading energy supplier to customise and implement their product to provide an organisation-wide intranet solution.

Learn how nFocus embedded more rigorous testing and quality practices, increase test efficiency and help SORCE deliver a high quality solution for their end client.

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