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AuTOMATED regression testing

We have the know-how to automate your SAP tests

Testing SAP releases and upgrades is a challenging, time consuming and complex activity. Many organisations would like to automate their SAP testing but often don’t know the best way to approach this.

Usually this results in the effort required to maintain automated Test Scripts being as high as that required to maintain SAP itself which is why over 70% of test automation initiatives fail to meet their anticipated Return on Investment. There are a number of reasons for this: Lack of experienced automation testers, custom automation frameworks that do not create the necessary efficiencies, incorrect choice of test tool, and management overhead are a few but there are many more. Our solution overcomes these challenges in an innovative and unique way.

Our approach:

  • Is proven to be a faster and more efficient method to automate tests
  • is based on a world leading platform
  • increases the coverage and speed of regression testing your existing functionality
  • reduces the likelihood of mistakes being released into your production system
  • eliminates the need to waste time and money creating a custom automation framework
  • provides consistent, low level tests step documentation for the automated tests
  • Integrates with ALM or Test Management tools

Guaranteed success of SAP Test Automation

nFocus has a UK based solution that will enable you to automate your SAP tests, with a proven efficient, low cost, low risk model. We guarantee success and if we fail to deliver, you pay nothing

To discuss your needs and find out how nFocus can help you automate your SAP testing with a leading edge solution, please contact us now using one of the two options below:

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