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GDPR Test Data

GDPR Services

May 25th 2018 will see the introduction of severe penalties for organisations failing to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It will be the responsibility of IT Management to ensure their teams comply but worryingly Forrester predicts 80% of companies will fail to do so. To support these dramatic changes nFocus, have developed a set of services that will help you define and implement your GDPR Strategy to avoid large fines, corrective powers and sanctions from the ICO.

GDPR Quick Start Workshop

This facilitated one-day workshop has been designed to kick-off an internal review of your data practices and guide you through the regulation to help you launch the appropriate response. Our approach introduces the challenges and opportunities of GDPR, highlights potential barriers and complexities within your organisation, and helps you to understand how these obstacles can be overcome. The workshop covers:

  • GDPR Overview and impact assessment
  • Data protection and privacy: the risks and penalties
  • Building a GDPR response programme

On completing our one-day workshop, you will be well-positioned to champion the benefits of developing robust privacy processes that meet GDPR requirements within your organisation. The workshop also includes two days off-site work by our team to document and share back our findings.

GDPR Test Data Anonymisation

With the introduction of GDPR, it has never been more important to anonymise your test data. Whilst data masking/anonymisation is a simple concept, scaling it to meet project demands whilst ensuring its validity to real life can be technically difficult, costly and inconsistent. nFocus have developed an approach that can be integrated into your existing systems to ensure project commitments can be met.

As the longest established UK-owned independent test consultancy, we have the expertise, track record to support your test data needs.

GDPR Third Party Risk Assessments

Under GDPR you are not only responsible for your own data practices, but those of your suppliers. You will be fined if personal data you have provided is breached by a third party. An important part of the GDPR Strategy is assessing your third parties and nFocus have a SaaS solution to automate the collection and assessment of your third party suppliers.

To receive further details of these services and to schedule an introductory call with one of our consultants please contact us below.

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