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Successful Agile Delivery

Analysis, strategy and delivery

nFocus have helped a wide range of organisations deliver successful agile projects. We’ve encountered every variation of difficulty and have developed real-world solutions to overcome them. Whether you’ve already adopted, considering adopting, or need testers experienced in delivering Agile projects, we can help.

  1. Agile Readiness Assessment: If you’ve not yet adopted, we can provide an assessment to understand your current capability and an output a tailored adoption strategy.
  2. Agile health check: If you’ve adopted Agile and experiencing quality issues, we can deliver a health check of your current practices. This includes analysis of your current processes, understanding the desired state, and producing a roadmap of the journey to achieve it.
  3. Implementing the roadmap: Our expert team can then help you implement some or all of the roadmap to accelerate your adoption or improvements.
  4. Agile tooling: With a 16 year history, nFocus has experience of all (if not nearly all) of the toolsets out there. We can advise on the right ALM tooling to support your process and work through proof of concepts to accelerate tool adoptions.
  5. Agile testing professionals: we can augment your current Agile teams with our own testing professionals; both on site and remotely. Our testing professionals have delivered many Agile projects and so come equipped the necessary skills and tools to ensure a successful project delivery. Whether it’s to overcome a peak in requirements, or simply to ensure testing is undertaken to achieve the right quality, we can help.

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