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Migration from Quality Center

Visual Studio 2012 Quality Tools

QC to Visual Studio Quality Tools event write up

On Monday 15th April, nFocus and Microsoft held the inaugral “Migration from Quality Center to Visual Studio 2012” event in Microsoft Cardinal Place offices, in central London. The event was designed to take the audience on a voyage of discovery from understanding what Microsoft has to offer in terms of professional testing tools within the Visual Studio stable, all the way through to the business case for adopting this feature rich and cost effective solution.

Second session presented by Justin Askew, Delivery Capability Manager for Bupa PLC

First session presented by Colin Beales, Developer Tools Technical Specialist for Microsoft

The first session of the day was co-presented by Danny Crone (nFocus Technical Director) and Colin Beales (Microsoft Developer Tools Technical Specialist). This session demonstrated the powerful testing functionality delivered by Visual Studio 2012 and showcased the many benefits of having both the testing and development team using the same repository and toolset. Some of the highlights of the session include the test case management features, fast-forward playback, IntelliTrace (historical debugging) and the Test Impact Collector.

The second session was presented by Justin Askew, Delivery Capability Manager for Bupa PLC. Bupa have recently made the decision to move away from their incumbent test tool vender, HP, and move to Microsoft Visual Studio Quality Tools. During this session Justin explained the reasons why Bupa had decided to consider another tool, the selection process, and why Visual Studio was selected. One of the key take-away messages from this session was that Bupa selected Visual Studio as their ALM tool of choice due to its fit with their current processes which was not available with the incumbent tool or with the other tools considered.

The penultimate session of the day was presented by Danny Crone. The session was entitled “How to Migrate from HP to TFS and Microsoft Test Manager”. During this session, Danny explored the concept that the process isn’t just about about data migration, it is a change programme of which data migration is only a very small part. The session gave excellent advice and practical tips on how to manage this change including planning, transition, tooling and refinement.

The final session of the day was presented by Scott Summers - nFocus Director. This session pulled together the three previous sessions and demonstrated the compelling business case for adopting Visual Studio Quality Tools. Scott opened the session by reflecting on what makes a good business case, and moved on to explore the options, the benefits of a true ALM solution, the costs and then showed an investment appraisal and return on investment examples figures.

If you’re currently using HP Quality Center and interested in attending a similar event, or would like to find out more information please contact Ryan James on 0870 242 6235 or email on