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Microsoft Testing Stuff Sprint 7


We’re now up to sprint 7 of Microsoft Testing Stuff and the next one is taking place this Thursday in London at 6pm!

We’ve lined up an excellent first speaker. We will be joined by Michael James, Developer Evangelist at Xamarin. With an ever increasing number of mobile devices and advancing operating systems hitting the market, how can you ensure your user interface is bulletproof and regression free? Xamarin have a unique approach. In this session Michael will show you how to swipe, tap, or rotate any user interface element and then perform real world assertions and take screenshots for visual validation along the way. Learn how to create these tests and run them locally on your own device or simulator or take them to the Xamarin Test Cloud to automatically test your application on thousands of physical devices ensuring mobile success. Michael will also show you how to monitor your applications in real time for crash reporting and analytics.

We also have Richard Erwin, Senior ALM Consultant with RippleRock as our second speaker! Richard will be covering Kanban & Team Foundation Server. Many teams struggle to adopt a Scrum process due to the unpredictability of their workload, rapidly changing business priorities or simply not following the rules. In many cases a Kanban process or mix of the two is a much more successful alternative. This session will provide an introduction to Kanban and look at how it can be implemented by teams using Microsoft Team Foundation Server. In addition, we’ll look at integration options with dedicated Kanban tools and the future of the Microsoft toolset.

We now have over 200 members and have 32 people signed up to attend on Thursday. If you’re already in London on Thursday please do come along. RSVP here.